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Forum Topic - 10 Beauty Benefits of Egg White for Skin and Hair

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Jan 10 2018 02:16 AM

Author: Ramaish S
Subject: 10 Beauty Benefits of Egg White for Skin and Hair

1. Removes facial hair

I used the egg white & paper towel face mask some weeks ago, and when peeling it off, it came along with tiny facial hairs that are normally found on the face. In the end, my skin felt smoother and clearer! This mask really does help get rid of facial hair no matter where it is – on your forehead, cheeks or upper lip! To make this mask, you simply need to apply a little egg white to your face using a brush. Cut out holes for your eyes and mouth and place the paper towel on your face. Coat a thin layer of more egg white on top of the paper towel to make it stick. When it has completely dried up, quickly pull off the paper towel, which will come along with the hairs. Admire the results!

2. Tightens a

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