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  Abdul S
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 Joined: May 23 2016
V V Bad Two Exp spend more than 18000 AED
Posted on Mon 23 May 2016

I joined them in 2008 but with no benefit and I left. After that last year in 2015 i received a call from Them and told me alot of things even i did Sign on 20 kg lose program but in two months i just reached 5 kg (lose) but after that they were asking money again i told them let me finish my 15 kg and i will pay you the remaining balance but no after the system will make problem and bla bla, i left them, really they are just making money v v bad experience. more than 18000 AED i spend but nothing. i want to tell everyone please dont waste your money with them where is no care. if you want more details contact me 0504558817

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