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bad experience
Posted on Tue 17 Jul 2012

well according to me the machines used by vlcc is good but all other things is not at all good. let me say how the routine goes:
1- an amazing offer comes up(but expensive one)
2- u paid and all the calculations is done(wieght ,bmi,target to lose)
3-next u be prompted there is validity of the package like 20 days or so ,u agree to it.
4-u wiegh- and session of machines and massaged is started , u see lose in wieght about 100 gms or more(depending on body type they say)
5-they say u do some exercise and dieting(considering the ad saying no need to follow diet or exersie)
6-next day u weigh in mornig, and sees that the wieght is exactly what u lost in vlcc(iam talking real body wieght not with the clothes)
7-u come appointment and end up gaining 900 gms more wieght when they take the appointment , u become confused, they say the special robe given to u has also wieght about 1 kg (eg last seesion after session ur wieght was 99 kh with the special robe, and morning when u checked it is 99 without the special robe, and when u come to vllc with the special robe 99+1 kg robe=100kj=seesion is cancelled
8-so they reschedule for next appointment saying, do diet and exercise,(thanks a lot)
9-if ever u have an emergncy on the appointmednt day and wants to cancel it, no problem ur seesion is cancelled and subtracted from the total package
10-after the center becomes busy , no time for appointment and eventually u get booked in some other day
11- next thing u know they coming rushing that ur package validity is over, to renew it u need to pay for new package of above 3000 aed
12-above they loyalty program.points system but there is also a catch in that as well,

so people if u value and want want to lose it all ,u can come to vlcc at any time.

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