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DPS sharjah

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DPS Sharjah - Waste of time & Biased
Posted on Thu 2 Feb 2012

Dear Parents,
Pls don't waste your time trying for admissions at DPS sharjah. First of all they invite a lot many applications though the admission strength is limited. They create a cumbersome process(online registration / immediate fee payment to complete registration upon intimation / Online query for the parents / Formal interview for the child etc)and take so long to provide dates for interview & finally after the interview is conducted & when you expect to get through since the child has done well in the interview, it takes 2 months to reveal the results. Finally they say the ward is not selected without any reason indicated. Looks like they prefer only North Indians. Hey, if thats the case why do you waste our time & registration money. Tell us upfront that we are biased & want only North Indians. But God is great,you guys are not the only people running schools, so we got a better one.
Angry & Frustrated Parent

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